Time for the establishment GOP consultants to go!

Every single Republican strategist, consultant or advisor with 10 or more years of experience should be fired. These people seem to be stuck on stupid and committed to cowardice.

These idiots with their degrees in political science and communications are forever pitching GOP candidates and political office holders losing advice. For the most part, their philosophy is based on playing defense. It’s time for the GOP to clean house and hire a fresh new crop of strategists that know how to play offense.

Case in Point: The Maine Republican Chairman, Charlie Webster, is under fire from GOP consultants to resign after he questioned what hundreds of “blacks” were doing casting votes in Maine’s rural areas. He went on to say that nobody in those areas knows anyone who is black.

People aren’t even allowed to notice who lives in their own neighborhoods anymore. Am I supposed to make believe that the ‘projects’ in my neighborhood are multi-racial? The fact is that they are 99% black! The other 1% are Hispanics. Is that a racist statement now? Am I supposed to pretend that I don’t know who lives there?

Are the people of Maine supposed to feel guilty and be on the defensive because their black population is extremely low – particularly in the rural areas? Should they apologize to someone for that fact?

If the GOP wants to ever again have any say in how this country is governed, it had better start growing a backbone and stop being afraid of its own puny shadow. Why should anyone be afraid of speaking the truth? Hell, all the Democrats do is shamelessly lie (Harry Reid), and they’re never afraid.

Get rid of those stupid consultants and start listening to the good, hardworking, tax-paying, law-abiding, patriotic American people for a change.

Read the stupid story HERE and see why the Left is laughing at us.

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