“Let’s Go Burn Some Gas”

I thought I’d get a quick post in while my Bison Burgers are grilling outside. That’s right, no freakin soy burgers or tofu in this household!

Earlier today I was walking my dog by the park along the East River when I came across something that actually lifted my spirits a bit; and that’s been kind of hard to do since November 6th.

As I headed up the boulevard, I came to a point where I took notice of two cars parked next to each other. One was a Dodge Challenger Hemi, no more than a year old. Parked behind it was a mint condition Chevy Monte Carlo SS; I can’t tell you the year.

A man’s car: Dodge Challenger SRT8 – 392 V8 Hemi – 470 Horsepower.

As I got closer, I became aware of the owners (two guys in their mid to late twenties) who were talking to each other on the path. As they started heading back to their respective cars, I heard one say to the other “let’s go burn some gas.”

I know that many would say that I’m losing my mind, but overhearing that simple statement and seeing the cars these men were driving, actually made me feel good. For that mere second I forgot about the America I currently live in.

An emasculated liberal’s car: Toyota Prius

I’m used to seeing guys like them driving Toyota Priuses or scooting around on their bikes and skateboards. Thank God that even in NYC there are still some normal males around who actually have some testosterone floating around their bloodstreams.

“Let’s go burn some gas” – I love it!

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