Republican strategists blaming talk-radio and Rush Limbaugh for Romney defeat

If there’s one thing I can’t stand more than your run-of-the-mill politician, it’s the sleazy, useless political strategists. Those of us who are awake and pay attention to things besides professional sports and TV sitcoms know these people well. They never change or go out of business no matter how many races their clients lose. And as evidenced by the following clip, it’s never their fault.

Below is a clip of Republicans continuing on their finger-pointing blame game after the handy BHO victory. Some of these strategists are blaming Rush Limbaugh and the concept of conservatism.

Rush is right. It was the GOP establishment, of which these consultants and strategists are a part of, who wanted Mitt Romney as their nominee. These are the people who said Newt Gingrich had too much personal baggage and his ideas were ‘too big.’ These are the people who said Rick Santorum was too socially conservative and couldn’t appeal to women voters. These are the people who said Ron Paul was crazy and unelectable.

What happened is that Mitt Romney turned out to be too conservative for the very establishment that was pushing him. I don’t blame Romney at all for the loss. I blame it on stupid people and massive voter fraud. Gingrich, Santorum, Cain, Paul, and all the others wouldn’t have been able to overcome that deadly combination either.

Looking back, this campaign was a complete fix from the very beginning.

BTW: Rush’s audience is all white, all over age 65, and all rural – really now? What a lying hypocritical sack of excrement!

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