It’s now far easier to cheat the election system than it is a department store

Drudge has a link to a CBS San Francisco report on retailers asking customers for their driver’s licenses and scanning them into a database. This practice is done to stop repeated returns.

See story here.

When I read this story I immediately thought about our disgraceful election system. If only our elected officials were as concerned about repeat or ineligible voters as retailers are of repeat returners. While you may now need to show a driver’s license to purchase goods at a department store,  less than half of our 57 states have voter ID laws that require showing a piece of identification containing a photo.

Coincidently, Mitt Romney won every single one of those states.

There’s no doubt that thousands upon thousands of votes were counted during the 2012 election that were cast by people who have no right to vote, as well as people voting multiple times. In fact, voting has become one of the easiest things to participate in. In most cases all a person has to do is ask for a registration form and then simply lie on it. This is widespread throughout the legal non-citizen community. As long as they check YES in the box that asks if you are a U.S. citizen, they’re good to go. Doing that constitutes a felony, but whose checking? See news report below:

YouTube Preview Image

It would be a relatively quick and easy fix to ensure that only people legally entitled to vote do so. The same easy fix would also prevent double, triple, and quadruple voting. But obviously, our elected leaders have no will to do such a thing.

However, it’s not only our elected leaders that display a cavalier attitude towards our electoral process, it’s also many of the legal voting citizens as well. People just shake their heads, say ‘what are you gonna do’, and move on.

Our voting system is completely broken. And as each election passes, our votes (U.S, Citizens) mean less and less. This also means that our democracy (republic) is now also broken. Furthermore, this means that we are now pretty much a banana republic – particularly insofar as choosing our president.

Welcome to Obama’s America.

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