Vicious Thugs Everywhere!!

My blood hasn’t boiled at this temperature for quite some time. The Blaze has a news report from England along with a video of a piece of shit, filthy animal sneaking up on an unsuspecting 16 year old girl on a London street and hitting her from behind with a vicious sucker punch.

Besides my seething anger, the other thing that runs through my mind is my desire to have been there when this happened. I would have thrown this cowardly turd the fucking beating of his miserable life! And if something like this happened to a woman in my family, I would make Charles Bronson’s Death Wish movies look like a Sesame Street production.

I know that white America (the evil 1%) is responsible for the savagery of black thugs here, but what’s their excuse in England? Come to think of it, the chances are pretty good that this was a Muslim immigrant from Africa. How’s that multiculturalism working out for you blokes?

And you just know that there are millions of Leftists out there that would make me out to be the bad guy if they read this post.

Read story and watch video here. If you’re not seething with anger after watching this, there’s seriously something wrong with you – or you’re just a progressive – same thing!

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WTF are you talking about. Black people have lived in London for centuries. It’s a seaport you dummy.
The girls name is Tasneem Kabir and the guy (Michael Ayoade) came to the UK from Nigeria when he was 3. They are probably BOTH Muslims. The UK takes in people like this because they asked the people from former colonies to work there from the late 1950’s onwards.
Ayoade’s savagery is from the huge amounts of weed he was smoking and his being drunk making him a paranoid prick.

Written By lara nonsense on November 27th, 2012 @ 7:42 pm

lara nonsense:

And your point is?

Maybe black people have lived in London for centuries, but not the kind of black people that would do what this animal did to this defenceless girl.

Again, your point is?

Written By admin on November 30th, 2012 @ 1:56 am

My point is that you are a know nothing. London (and the part of London in particular) has been a violent place for many many years, sorry, centuries. Crack a book and check it out.
I would not make you out to be a bad guy. A not well informed guy maybe.
Your portraying the violence to be because of the man being a muslim. Not much of a muslim if he’s drinking that much beer.
I do wish someone had been there to hurt him like you.

Written By Lara Nonsense on November 30th, 2012 @ 9:24 pm