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The Black Friday Mob

What’s with people and the craziness and hysteria that goes on the day after Thanksgiving? What turns people who have the outward appearance of being normal into raving lunatics that fight, stampede, and basically act like wild animals?

See the links at the Drudge Report here.

I personally hate shopping at large department stores and I usually avoid it like the plague. If I do happen to shop in those stores I NEVER do so on the weekends or anywhere near the holidays. And even then I usually get frustrated pretty easily. As for shopping on Black Friday is concerned, I’d rather go to Spain and run with the bulls.

I’ve noticed that with each passing Black Friday the mayhem seems to get worse and worse. If you skim through the news, you’ll find dozens of stories that include assorted violence and even gun-play. Why are people acting this way? Is it really all about the supposed deals, or is it something else?

I can’t really explain what’s in people’s hearts and minds, but I believe this is just another symptom of the continued breakdown of our society as more and more people are succumbing to a mob mentality.

2012 America – this is truly the era of the mob.

The mob gives people both cover and courage to do what they wouldn’t think of doing by themselves. There is also no judgment within the mob. If everyone is acting like wild animals, then individuals within the mob won’t be signaled out. That’s why people who take part in a mob that tramples someone to death, as we saw in Nov. of 2008 when a security guard at a Long Island Wal-Mart was trampled to death by a Black Friday mob, can absolve themselves of any responsibility. Who is responsible when everyone is doing it?

The mob is also a haven for people that are incapable or too lazy to think independently. This is the type of mob you’ll typically see at a union rally, at an Occupy Wall Street protest, or at a riot/celebration after a sports team wins a championship.

Then we have the intelligentsia mob that has taken over public education, college campuses, cultural institutions, and the entertainment industry. Members of this mob tend to all think alike, shy away from debate, and are hostile towards dissenting opinions.

As this mob mentality is expanding within our society, the concept of individualism seems to be in decline.  And as the mob grows stronger, individual liberty becomes weaker.

This is why I’m no longer surprised at how people act on Black Friday.

I’m no longer surprised at how fans act when their team wins the title.

I’m no longer surprised at mobs swarming businesses in order to commit mass theft.

I’m no longer surprised at mobs randomly assaulting helpless individuals in the streets of major cities.

I’m not surprised anymore because the mob is now more or less in control of our nation.

It’s scary, but nonetheless true!

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