Republicans getting ready to cave in to illegal immigrants

The Drudge report has a link to a Washington Times piece about Senate Republicans putting forth their version (Democrat-Lite) of the Dream Act.

As usual, the scaredy cat Republicans are being reactive after the reelection of BHO, supposedly with the overwhelming support of Hispanics.

Read NY Times article HERE on assessing how pivotal the Hispanic vote really was for the Romney loss.

But this one paragraph from the Washington Times piece says it all:

Their bill would be more limited than the proposals Democrats have sought, which would have been more generous with a path to citizenship and broader in the number of immigrants it would apply to. But Ms. Hutchison, Texas Republican, said she and Mr. Kyl have tried to accommodate some Democratic lawmakers’ concerns.

Their pathetic plan is shortsighted and ultimately destructive to our republic. Just give them the Democrat-Lite version for the Dream Act, which will promptly be turned into the full-fledged Dream Act by the Democrat controlled Senate, then of course, make sure that a person with a Hispanic name ‘Rubio’ is your candidate for president in 2016. It’s that simple!

When that doesn’t prove to be enough, will the clueless and gutless Republicans then start promising more freebies and other special incentives geared towards Hispanics, or should I say Mexicans? Anyone with half a brain can figure out where this is going.

The fact, regardless of how uncomfortable it may be for some to admit, is that Hispanics (the kind that sneak into our country) aren’t motivated by the promises of a better economy through creation of jobs, lower taxes and regulation, entrepreneurship, and hard work. No, they are motive by government handouts.

To give you another example of how stupid and shortsighted many Republicans are. A Republican who was a candidate for State office in New York once told me that we (Republicans) have to go after the Muslim vote. He said that Muslims were very ‘religious’ and ‘family oriented’ – so they would be a good fit for the Republican Party.

A few months after this stupidity rolled off his tongue, 9/11 happened.

I don’t give a rat’s behind what Republican consultants and strategists say. The kind of people that violate our federal laws by sneaking across the border to work at menial jobs, who often commit identity fraud, and who have children in order to access our social welfare programs, ARE NOT potential future voters for the Republican Party. These people can give a damn about the argument between Capitalism and Statism. All they care about is just getting by better than they did back in their homelands. And by the time they and/or their children are educated enough, if ever, to understand what made this nation worth sneaking into, it will be way too late to ever return to those policies and principles.

Game over! Say bye bye to America.

Read Washington Times story here.

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