Like taking candy from a baby

Proving the blaring hypocrisy of the Left is as easy as taking candy from a baby – even easier! In reality, it’s not that easy taking candy from a baby, at least the babies I’ve known.

Glenn Beck set out to highlight the hypocrisy of the compassionate and tolerant Left by immersing a BHO bobble-head doll into a jar of urine, just as left-wing artist Andres Serrano first did back in 1987 with Jesus Christ.

Serrano’s “art” not only won awards, but it was also subsidized by taxpayer funds going to the NEA.

Of course, the leftists took the bait quicker than a cat takes to a can of tuna.

See story here.

Not only are these leftists blatant hypocrites, but they are also mentally ill.

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