The world as I currently see it

I don’t believe that would be going out on a limb by saying that in the epic struggle between good and bad – bad has the built-in advantage.

Let’s take a hypothetical group of twenty 13 or 14 year olds and have them spend a month together. Now let’s say that ten of those kids come from decent homes, are well behaved, respectful, and good students – good kids! Now let’s say that the other ten come from dysfunctional homes, are ill behaved, disrespectful, and bad students – bad kids!

Which group is more likely to rub off on the other group?

I believe that if you asked this question in a non-political context, 90 to 95% of the country would agree that the bad is much more likely to rub off on the good than the other way around. This is the glitch in human nature. This, I believe, is what the theological concept of original sin is all about. We are all born with a predisposition to being ‘bad.’ That seems to be the default setting for human kind.

So what are the chances that children who are raised, if you want to call it that, by bad people will somehow turn out good? Furthermore, what happens when a healthy majority of a given population becomes bad? The obvious answer is that it puts tremendous pressure on those that are decent. Human nature is such that consciously or unconsciously, we all want to be accepted. Standing out from the rest, from the majority, is not comfortable for most people. And when you add a tyrannical government into the mix, standing out can become potentially deadly.

Anyway, this is part of what I see today:

I see people that came from solid backgrounds, and should know better, turning into puppets whose strings are pulled by the collective cult of personality.

I see obscene ignorance where there should be no excuse for its existence.

I see conformity swallowing up individuality.

I see children behaving like wild animals.

I see parents defending their children’s antisocial behavior, if only out of defensiveness for their own behavior and failure as parents.

I see the concept of appreciation giving way to the concept of entitlement. Yes, beggars can now be choosers.

I see manners and civility being crushed by rudeness and self-centeredness.

I see patience being eclipsed by the expectation of instant gratification.

And I see the once intolerable slowly becoming the norm as decent people show apathy towards things that only a relatively short time ago would have made them seethe with anger.

I don’t by any stretch of my imagination fancy myself a philosopher, but coming up on the Christmas season I felt the need to share these observations of the world I currently live in. I call them observations because I observe these things every day right in my own neighborhood.

There is little doubt that we are at a political and economic crossroads in our history. But I believe that we’re also at the crossroads of human evolution.  Are we going to slip back towards anarchy, mob rule, and serfdom, be it the 21st century version of it? Will we permanently trade in enlightenment for comfortable ignorance and individual liberty for idol worship? Has human development finally peaked, and are we now sliding backwards as a species?

I guess only time will tell what path we will ultimately choose, but right now it doesn’t look too encouraging.

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