Educated immigrants not wanted

The House of Representatives passed a Republican sponsored immigration bill that would grant up to 55,000 visas to non-citizen students who complete advanced degrees in math, science, engineering, and technology. The bill called the STEM Jobs Act passed by a vote of 245 – 139.

See story here.

Of course, the BHO administration, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, and the illegal immigrant lobby are dead set against it.

BTW: When are we going to see the formation of the Christian European Caucus?

The simple fact is that the Left doesn’t want educated immigrants who can become self-sufficient individuals – God forbid, conservatives. The Left wants to continue flooding our nation with poor, ignorant immigrants that will become connoisseurs of government programs, and of course, permanent Democrat voters.

To the average run-of-the-mill college/media indoctrinated liberal, immigration is all about ‘fairness.’ Why is it fair that only educated white people get to live in America and pick the pure gold off the sidewalks and trees? It’s only fair that poor, ignorant people from the Third World get to live here as well.

As is usually the case with brainwashed liberal dupes, this makes them feel better about themselves.

But to the hard-core Marxists like the one residing in the White House, immigration (legal and illegal) is a means to an end, with the end being the destruction of free-market capitalism and American exceptionalism. They know that our current system cannot survive when there are a lot more takers than there are producers.

Obama and his cabal are not simply stupid and misguided as many of his Republican opponents claim. Nobody can be that stupid and misguided! And Obama is not failing. To the contrary, he is accomplishing everything he intended to. Rest assured that further opening the floodgates to both legal and illegal immigrants from the Third World is definitely on his second term agenda.

Immigration, both legal and illegal, is a weapon that the Left (including Islam) uses to cause civil, cultural, and economic chaos. It’s done by framing immigration (legal and illegal) as a human rights and fairness issue. And to the dumbed-down Kardashian obsessed American public, what can possibly be wrong with human rights and fairness?

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