Bob Costas pushes for gun control

As I’ve mentioned before, I can’t stand it when sportscasters/sports journalists who suffer from inferiority complexes and liberal guilt stick their noses into the world of politics and culture. Of course, they always show themselves to be – surprise – liberals!

Examples of such clowns include Tim McCarver, Mike Lupica, and of course, Bob Costas.

Tuning into some of the NFL pregame shows this Sunday I knew I was in for a cornucopia of liberal clichés and over the top displays of shock and grief, only a day after the murder/suicide involving Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Javon Belcher, who shot his girlfriend and mother of his infant baby (baby momma) to death before killing himself right in front of his head coach and general manager.

I have nothing against Mr. Belcher, besides the fact that he was evidently a sick, evil bastard, but one would have thought that Queen of England had shot her husband, Prince Philip, to death before taking her own life.  Is it really that shocking that something like this would happen in the life of an NFL player?

On the CBS pregame show Dan Marino, who I happen to like, went on about how the Chiefs made the right decision to play their home game on Sunday. He said something along the lines that the city of Kansas City needed the Chiefs to help them heal. This statement almost had me running for the bathroom. Does Mr. Marino know that people, black people, are shot to death just about every day in Kansas City? This is nothing new.

However, Javon Belcher was an NFL player, so that makes his life more important than the lives of us mere mortals.

But of course, leave it to Bob Costas of NBC to really go off the deep end in regards to this murder/suicide. During halftime of the NBC Sunday Night Football game, Costas took to playing out his fantasy, yet again, of being a serious political/cultural commentator instead of the inconsequential sports journalist that he is.

Liberals like Costas really seem to believe that their simplistic arguments are profound and thought provoking, yet his reasoning in regards to this issue was what one would expect from a second grader. It goes something like this: If Javon Belcher did not have a gun – he and his girlfriend would be alive today.

Well, we could play that game all day, couldn’t we?

If only we still used the horse and buggy instead of automobiles, the 115 people that die every day in automobile accidents would still be alive today.

If we didn’t have airplanes, 9/11 would never have happened and the thousands of people who died that day would still be alive. If those planes weren’t around to be hijacked by Muslim animals, we wouldn’t have went to war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and therefore, thousands upon thousands of more lives would have been saved.

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These arguments are about as shallow as Kim Kardashian, but Costas and his ilk actually believe that they are blessing us with deeply intellectual observations.

Javon Belcher killed the mother of his child, then himself, because he was a severely flawed human being – a bad guy! He seemingly had little to no appreciation for the opportunity that he had playing a stupid meaningless game for tons of money. And these NFL analysts, including Boomer Esiason and Dan Marino, who I thought had some brains, especially for ex jocks, are falling all over themselves trying to find an external reason why this monster did what he did, while exaggerating  the impact of both his life and his death on our society. But maybe they are just doing what is expected of them.

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