Don’t blame young people for Obama – not young white people, that is.

After November’s election a lot of people were cursing those “young voters” who voted overwhelmingly for BHO, supposedly.

But according to Pew Research, 54% of voters age 18 to 30 voted for Mitt Romney – 54% of WHITE VOTERS age 18 to 30, that is. And even though Romney received more of the white youth vote than Ronald Reagan, it wasn’t nearly enough because the number of white voters 30 and under has shrunk considerably over the past few decades, while the number of non-white “young” voters has exploded.

Read Ann Coulter’s WND piece here.

The phony narrative from the politicians and the media is that ‘Hispanics’ are socially conservative, family oriented people who just want a better life for their children. But saying you want a better life for your children is one thing, and doing what is necessary to achieve that goal is another. The second takes commitment, hard work, education and positive role models. Making babies and raising children are two different things.

I’m not passing judgment on all Hispanics, but the reality is that Hispanics are in the same cultural boat as Blacks when it comes to crime, out of  wedlock births and high school dropout rates. For instance, the national dropout rate for blacks is 43%, and for Hispanics it’s 42%. I guess these mythical family values stopped being passed down at some point.

One of the most eye-opening tidbits from Ms. Coulter’s column is the sickening fact that 85% of legal immigrants since 1968 have come from the Third World. As I’ve said many times before, immigration has long become all about supposed ‘fairness’ and not about what is good for our nation.

What the hell were people, citizens of this nation, thinking all of these decades? Why did we allow this to happen?

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