Hey, Bob Costas! Three out Four NFL players own guns

Someone should inform the pompous little twerp that goes by the name of Bob Costas that 3 out of every 4 NFL players own guns. But since the NFL is 70% black, you probably won’t hear Costas question them personally, instead, like your typical liberal dimwit, he’ll probably keep attacking gun makers, the NRA, and the second amendment.

Read USA TODAY piece here.

This story doesn’t just highlight the liberal obsession with gun control, it also shows the typical liberal cowardice to call into question the behavior of most black people – black Republicans excluded. It’s not that Javon Belcher was a murdering lowlife, it was the fault of the white-run NRA. But you’ll never see Costas wringing his hands about the prevailing thug culture in the NFL and NBA. To liberals, Javon Belcher was just as much a victim as the girlfriend he put nine rounds into.

Furthermore, this story also exposes typical liberal elitism. According to Costas, these grown men (black men) aren’t smart and responsible enough to make their own decisions about carrying and using handguns, therefore, he attacks the guns and those that make owning them possible.

Like most stories involving smarter and holier-than-thou liberals, Bob Costas displays the following:








Hey Bob, I patiently await your interviews with black NFL players where you’ll sternly lecture them on the reasons they shouldn’t own guns.

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