Welfare = $61,152 per year per household

The Weekly Standard has a piece regarding the cost of welfare benefits to each household receiving them when converted to cash.  And the mind-boggling number comes out to $168 per day, per household. This equates to $61,152 per year!

As the Weekly Standard points out, this is 20 percent above the national median income.

And BHO and his Marxist cronies will tell you that people don’t pay enough in taxes! Rather than being grateful that their fellow citizens are supporting them, these parasites that collect these benefits are typically angry, arrogant, and carry a sense of entitlement. On top of that, they get to vote themselves more benefits year after year after year.

What a deal!

However, eventually the geese that lay all the golden eggs can’t keep up with the demand for free gold, but most of these leeches are too dumb to understand what really awaits them.

Read Weekly Standard piece here – but you better have a punching bag nearby because if you pay taxes you’re going to want to hit something.

P.S. I understand that some people need temporary help, especially in this economy. What I have a problem with is people that make this into a lifestyle. I also have a problem with people living in subsidized housing while driving expensive new cars, but I guess I’m the crazy one.

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