This is America???

Drudge has a link to a story out of Columbus Ohio where 2000 people showed up for a chance to get subsidized housing. Of course, the police eventually had to be called to disperse the crowd.

When you look at the video below, take notice of who these people are. They are Somalian Muslims – the same ones that showed up to vote for Obama in droves even though they couldn’t speak English. (NOT CITIZENS!) They’re part of the fraud that helped Obama cheat his way to victory in Ohio.

Also notice that they all seem to have cars even though they’re looking to have their housing subsidized! How does that make sense?

You gotta love how the reporter relates that she was told by some of the “applicants” that “the complex is so desirable because it’s affordable, clean, and safe.” The first thought that ran through my mind was ‘it wouldn’t be once you moved in!’

If you’re an honest, hard-working, tax-paying, patriotic American, this video will make you sick to your stomach. What has happened to our great nation – to the Shining City on a Hill? What have we allowed our political class to do to us? Why were asleep all of these years while they methodically worked to “fundamentally transform America?”

Is it already too late to regain our past greatness?


BTW: If you have time read the comments section of the piece. I’m happy to know that many Americans have just about had it with the current state of affairs – but Obama still managed to win the election?

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