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It’s finally time to ban cigarettes – along with handguns, of course

A 22 year old Western Pennsylvania woman was shot to death by three useless pieces of crap after the woman told the animals to “get a job” when they tried to bum a cigarette from her boyfriend.

Todavia Cleckley and Marcus Velasquez, both 14, and Kyle Gooseby, age 13, were arrested for the murder.

I can’t wait to hear their families, friends and neighbors tell us what good kids they are and how shocked they are by their arrest.

Anyway, another person killed by an evil handgun over something just as evil – a cigarette! At this moment Bob Costas is preparing another sermon on the easy availability of these two dangerous products. Due to the seriousness of this issue, his comments will be heard during halftime of the Super Bowl – viewing will be mandatory!

Just imagine how many people would be alive today if guns and cigarettes were banned.

Perhaps Senator Schmuck Schumer can draft a single bill that would take care of both problems by banning both products from legal sale and use – a two for one special! The bill would, of course, exempt the smoking of marijuana, a very necessary and harmless product, as well as exempt Hollywood celebrities and their bodyguards from the handgun ban.

Hmm…firearms and tobacco…hey, why not ban alcohol too and make it a perfect trifecta?

Read story here.

P.S. My sympathies go out to the family of the young woman who lost her life to these soulless beasts.

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