Obama should throw political opponents in jail

The walking-talking turd know as Harry Belafonte told fellow turd, Al Sharpton, that BHO should act like a third world dictator and jail those who disagree with him.

I bet you won’t see this being reported by Brian Williams and his colleagues. Just as they continue to be silent over the mob violence and criminal assault perpetrated by union thugs in Michigan a couple of days ago.

The melee was all caught on tape.

I’m not at all surprised that Belafonte thinks like this; in my mind his remarks were a given. It’s just that he and others of his ilk have become further emboldened by the reelection of BHO, so we are going to hear more and more of their true beliefs being spewed.

And the MSM will continue to ignore it all.

I’ll go further and say something else that even the so-called right-wing media wouldn’t dare even imagine saying. That being, if American blacks were polled on Belafonte’s statement, over 90% would agree with him.

This is why we will never see that poll.

When people like Belafonte and those union thugs get away with these types of things without being exposed and challenged by the media, they only become more emboldened. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that physical assaults and talk of punishment for opponents of BHO will grow like an aggressive cancer over the next few years.

Meanwhile, the sleeping public is perpetually being told that the Tea Party is racist and violent even though there is not one tiny shred of proof to back up those lies.

Dark and trying times are upon us, fellow citizens. These next four years will most likely determine whether or not Americans will simply submit and walk slowly into the dark abyss, or whether a clear line will finally be drawn in the sand.

Only time will tell.

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