Triplets reunited for the Holidays!

In heartwarming story that’s sure to bring tears to your eyes, 21 year old Michigan triplets Devon, Deshawn, and Juronn Shivers were joyously reunited – in a Michigan prison, that is. And just in time for the Holidays, to boot!

Who say’s Christmas miracles no longer happen?

Upon further investigation by my crack staff, I’ve learned that these things are not as uncommon as one would believe. Prison officials stated that reunions at the facility are fairly commonplace. In fact, earlier this year the Detroit High class of 2002 held their 10 year reunion there. It was reported that a good time was had by all!

See story here.

P.S. I know that nobody actually graduates from high school in Detroit, but give me a break. I’m just using a little journalistic creativity to spice the story up a bit. However, most of the students who attended the Detroit public school system, regardless of the length of their stay, are often reunited in the Big House.

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