Maleness and School Shootings

While the Left and the mainstream media, being as predictable as the sunrise, wring their hands about the need for gun control (aka gun bans) in the aftermath of the Connecticut school massacre, some others are talking about the mental health issues surrounding these kinds of tragedies.

Thinking about it, I’m not really shocked that young men (boys) would have a myriad of mental issues in today’s America. I can only imagine how hard it is to be a school-age boy today – especially a white school-age boy!

How can we expect boys to grow up normally when all they hear from school staff, from the media, and from pop-culture, is how they will grow up to be the main reason for all the world’s problems?

Today boys (especially white boys)are told that being a boy and acting like a boy is wrong – unnatural. Boys are now expected to act like, think like, and often, look like – girls! Meanwhile, inside there is a real boy, a real future man, just aching to come out.

The new prototypical American male.

It has always been my opinion that when you screw with natural law, natural law screws you back twice as hard.

When you look at today’s school/theatre/mall shooters do they look more like the nerds from Revenge of the Nerds, or do they look like the jocks? When was the last time one of these young male shooters was an alpha male member of the varsity football team? The profile of these shooters is, by now, pretty clear. They are typically young emasculated white males who are, for the most part, social misfits, outcasts and perpetual victims of bullying.

It is an established fact that many teenage boys who lived in Middle America during the 40’ and 50’s actually took their rifles and shotguns to school every day. Back then, boys were allowed to be boys. And yes, even then, they had the evil hormone, testosterone, floating through their bloodstream. However, they rarely, if ever, acted out by mowing down their classmates in a hail of gunfire.

Back then bullying was dealt with differently, often via a closed fist to the bully’s nose. Teachers didn’t get involved and didn’t get to pick who the victims and who the aggressors were. These things didn’t need to be settled by government bureaucrats or with guns. Furthermore, girls back then didn’t expect boys to take on feminine qualities. They actually appreciated the difference between the sexes. Young males weren’t thought of as future rapists and war-mongers who only want to oppress women, they were thought of as future husbands, fathers, and productive citizens.

Looking back now, I realize that this radical feminist incursion into our education system was already under way when I was in grammar school and junior-high. There were still a few dinosaur teachers around who focused on the three R’s, but the younger teachers were already indoctrinated by the new school of thought.

I’m glad that I’m not growing up and going to school in 2012 America; I had it good as compared to these boys. I was still pretty much able to be who I was and not be ashamed that I was a carrier of the XY chromosome.

God bless the families of the innocent lives snuffed out by this monster.

P.S. I’m not by any means excusing the murdering loser, Adam Lanza, for his actions. He obviously suffered from some sort of mental illness, but he also knew that what he was going to do was wrong – he didn’t care! I’m a realist, so even though I’m a dog lover, I realize that rabid dogs and others that are beyond rehabilitation need to be put down. And the same goes for the sick, twisted bastards that perpetrate these horrific and cowardly acts.

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