Affirmative Action for Med-School – who would have thunk it?

There’s a piece over at the American Thinker that delves into what most of us with a working brain already knew – affirmative action also plays a part in who is accepted into medical school.

See piece here.

I hope the liberals, particularly white liberals, are happy. I hope they feel good about bringing their kids to doctors of “color” who may not have been as qualified to go to med-school as others of a paler complexion. But we all know these libs will do their best to seek out the doctors with Jewish sounding names, while avoiding those they suspect were helped by affirmative action.

Let those doctors treat their own people in the inner cities!

There’s only one problem there, Mr. and Mrs. Compassionate Liberal. The doctors you currently use for yourself and your kids won’t be around for your grandchildren and great-grandchildren. But who cares to think that far ahead, especially when you need to feel good about yourselves right now?

I believe it’s time to start aggressively applying affirmative action to the placement of commercial airline pilots as well. Anyone with eyes can see that there’s far too much whiteness and maleness in those cockpits.

But the beneficiaries of affirmative action aren’t running to become pilots, because unlike the operating room, if they screw up in the cockpit they put their own lives in danger. That’s why you’ll probably see pale-faced pilots for a long time to come.

But that’s ok Mr. and Mrs. Liberal, your future generations will get to live in the colorblind ability-blind utopia you worked so hard to create. How lucky they are!

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