Sandy Hook: The Left Finally Got What They Wanted!

I know it may sound harsh to the average person that pays little attention to politics and even less attention to history. But what happened in Sandy Hook Elementary School is nothing short of the ultimate Leftist fantasy.

This time it was children – not teenagers – but kindergarten age children!

If I was a total kook, instead of only half a kook, I could almost buy into the theory that our government used some top-secret mind control system that turned Adam Lanza into a programmed killer. Because this massacre couldn’t have worked out any better for the Chicago Marxists that now run the United States government.

If reading this is making you squirm with discomfort, please stop reading and go to National Review Online.

Children, along with minorities, senior citizens, and women have long been political props for the Marxists. Saying that a piece of legislation, or lack of one, will hurt children, minorities, seniors and women, has been a staple of the Left’s attacks on their opponents.

After all, who could be against anything that helps the children, and who could possibly be for something that hurts them? Pitch this simplistic bullshit to ignorant/fearful parents, and you can get yourself some good polling numbers.

If it is really hard for you to believe that there can possibly be people who secretly cheer what has happened in Sandy Hook Elementary, then you really need to get your head out of your ass and wake the hell up. Do a little research on Marxism and Communism. They don’t care about killing people, including children, in order to gain and/or hold on to power. Communism/Marxism has been the number one cause of human death since man has inhabited the Earth.

Bill Ayers, an admitted and unrepentant terrorist, Communist, and friend of BHO, was heard by an undercover FBI informant in 1969 discussing with fellow terrorist how many Americans would need to be killed in order to establish a Communist government in the United States. The figure they threw around was a paltry 25 million.

Read PJ Media piece titled Eyewitness to the Ayers RevolutionHERE.

Also note that when BHO served in the Illinois State Legislature, he opposed a bill that would allow medical treatment for babies that survived botched abortions. In other words, he was fine with  just letting them suffer from their wounds inflicted by forceps, embryotomy scissors, and various other tools used by abortionists, until they eventually die. Read HERE.

So if you believe that BHO really cares about the children who were gunned down at Sandy Hook, and that he actually shed real tears during his now famous remarks, you are an idiot!

The Leftist talking points put forth by media in regards to Sandy Hook and gun control are working!

For the first time in my memory, the second amendment lobby is back on its heels.

The NRA has cancelled a Country Music event with Twitter in the aftermath of the shooting – See HERE.

An online firearms dealer called ‘Cheaper than Dirt’ has “suspended” their gun sales, saying that they are “reviewing our policy internally.” See story HERE.

Then there’s sporting goods giant, Dick’s Sporting Goods, removing guns from its store closest to Newton, CT., and suspending the sale of certain semi-automatic firearms from their stores nationwide.  See story HERE.

Then the company that makes the Bushmaster rifle that was supposedly used in the Sandy Hook massacre was put up for sale by the private equity firm that owns the company. See story HERE.

These are just some examples of the panic of the gun industry – panic because some sick animal used legal weapons purchased legally by an adult to carry out his evil plot. If you’ve done nothing wrong why act guilty? These people are playing right into the hands of the Marxists and their media allies. And BHO is laughing his scrawny litttle ass off!

Unfortunately, school shootings are nothing new in current day America. But this time it was children as young as 6 years old that were murdered in cold blood. But you can rest assured that behind closed doors at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (that’s the White House, for all you Obama voters) tears are not being shed for the children of Sandy Hook. Instead, high fives and exuberance over the possibility of finally being able to gut the Second Amendment is a lot more likely to be the scene.

And who knows? This time they may actually have a decent chance at succeeding.

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