ATF raids Connecticut gun shop where the mother of Sandy Hook shooter purchased guns

The ATF raided Riverview Gun Sales in East Windsor Connecticut. This is the shop where the mother of the Sandy Hook killer purchased her guns, the guns her sicko son used to carry out his evil plot.

Are you ready to laugh?

The ATF claims that the raid had nothing to do with the Sandy Hook shootings!

Read story here.

No, it’s just a mere coincidence, that’s all.

It’s not at all far-fetched to believe that this so-called “raid” was meant to intimidate this gun shop, and gun shops in general. The intent not only being to put fear into the owners of the business, but to also spread fear, mistrust, and suspicion among the community. It’s safe to say that the ATF will never put out a press release saying that the visit was a false alarm and that everything checked out fine. Instead, they’ll let the now paranoid community come to their own conclusions – conclusions based on emotion, not facts.

My guess is that the shop won’t be open much longer.

This situation is eerily similar to cops showing up at the home of the producer of the famous video that BHO and his cronies tried to blame for the Benghazi attack, and dragging him out in handcuffs for an unrelated offence. These are, at least for me, clear-cut cases of the federal government intimidating ordinary citizens for political purposes.

This is how a Banana Republic operates. And it’s probably time we stop denying that we are now living in one.

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