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Heartwarming story for the Holidays

There was a bit of Pre-Christmas news that made my Holiday just a bit more merrier. On December 22nd, The Blaze wrote about the Pennsylvania teen who was told by one of her teachers to take off the Romney/Ryan T-shirt she was wearing and compared it to being a supporter of the KKK. The teens family is now suing the teacher and the school district.

See story here.

The teacher, Lynette Gaymon, attempted a half-hearted apology after the story went public back in October, blaming the teen, of course, for not getting the humor she was supposedly putting forth when she told the teen that “this is a Democratic School” and that wearing the Romney shirt was tantamount to being a member of the KKK.

As if anyone had to tell you, the teacher is black. Yes, I know it’s hard to believe that black so-called professionals would behave in such a way, but reality is still reality regardless of how uncomfortable it may make some people feel.

I hope and pray that this lawsuit is successful and that the disgraceful so-called teacher and the school district pay through the nose. My guess is that the school district will bear the financial brunt of the lawsuit, while the teacher goes on her merry way continuing to bully and indoctrinate her students.

Anyway, this news did add to my holiday cheer, and I hope that more people will stand up to these Marxist thugs, as this family is doing.

Read original story here.

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