Is that a sub sandwich in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

In the hysteria that has ensued after the Connecticut school shootings, a Florida movie theatre was evacuated and locked down when two people called police to say they saw a man acting suspiciously and shoving something down the back of his pants, and that the something could be a shotgun.

I turned out that the person in question was simply doing what many do, sneaking food into the movie theatre. In this case, it turned out to be a sub sandwich, or as some people I know say…sangwich.

See story here.

If you are that paranoid about being in a movie theatre, there’s a service called Netflix.

It’s this type of irrational behavior from citizens that will empower the Feds to expand the scrutiny people receive at the hands of the TSA to movie theatres, concert halls, sports stadiums, and even department stores. I could see the public being given the false choice between this and a complete and total ban on any and all firearms.

Does anyone really believe that this is beyond the pale in Obama’s America?

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