Animal cruelty or Kwanzaa celebration?

In days gone by Americans used to roast chestnuts over an open fire during the Christmas holiday, or so I’ve heard. But in Obama’s America lowlives now roast cats.

A vile POS from Middletown, NJ set his cat on fire just for kicks on Christmas Eve. Tyriik Haynes, 18, took the cat out in its carrier, and then used an aerosol spray and matches to set the cat carrier on fire. The fire melted the plastic carrier and the cat, still on fire, ran off into the woods where it surely died a painful death.

I often find myself rooting for the existence of hell just so animals like this can burn in it for all eternity.

Then again, maybe I shouldn’t be too hard on this misguided teenager. If only greedy rich white people were willing to pay more taxes so communities could offer more afterschool programs to poor disadvantaged youths like Mr. Haynes, these types of things would never happen. He was only acting out in frustration over rampant racism and the lack of opportunities for urban youth. If you were in his shoes, who’s to say you wouldn’t have the urge to set a cat or two on fire?

Read disgusting story here.

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