Obama for Emperor

Idiots in New York, race obsessed idiots, are evidently so impressed with BHO that they are already talking about a third Obama term even though he hasn’t even begun his second yet.

Listen to this moron on the video below. He’s probably one of the millions who cast illegal votes for BHO back in November.

It is my observation that far too many blacks seem very friendly to the concept of dictatorships. Just look at modern day Africa. Even though blacks in America have it better than anywhere else in the world, they’ve become infested with a rabid irrational hate for white America. The guy from the above video really irritates me because he’s obviously not the descendant of  black slaves, he’s an immigrant, and he could have stayed where he came from, or he could have emigrated to any number of nations that are predominantly black. But he chose instead to come to the United States – why – because it’s so hard here for blacks and for immigrants?

Give me a break already – I’m tired of hearing it!

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