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2013 – Happy New Year!

While I’m waiting for our New Year’s Eve guests to arrive, I thought I’d share some thoughts I have about the past year, and the coming New Year.

Without getting too political, I just think it’s a real shame, if not an outright tragedy, how millions of people in this great country are currently living. In my own neighborhood I am witness to how good, smart, capable people are hustling and scraping just to keep their heads above water.

Just today I witnessed an older Greek man (I recognize the accent) with a private cab (car service) almost frantically soliciting people by the subway station where the bus goes to LaGuardia Airport for rides. He was charging $12 for a ride to the airport. This is a great price especially considering the cost of gasoline. I felt empathy for the man who probably should be preparing for retirement instead of trying to scrounge up some extra cash for the holidays. It’s really sad.

I’ve been very fortunate compared to a lot of other people, and I’m extremely grateful for that. I’m very, very, lucky to have a beautiful (inside and out) wife that supports me in everything I do – we support each other. I can’t imagine how much bleaker the world would be without her.

And one more thing. It’s always a terrible thing, but especially during these times of uncertainty and economic depression, loneliness is a horrible state to be in. I’m not embarrassed to admit that over the course of my life I’ve suffered from loneliness – I know how it feels. So if you know someone who is lonely do what you can to make him/her feel a little better. Sometimes just a hello, a bit of conversation, and a kind positive word can lift a person’s spirits. Many people are so busy, but let’s drop the tweeting and e-mailing for a brief moment and pick up the phone and call someone.

That’s about it for now. I sincerely wish all the good hardworking people out there a Happy New Year. The next few years will be extremely challenging, and I believe that we are now at a point where a political solution to our problems may be unattainable. I believe we need a mass awakening, a spiritual awakening, if you will, from the mostly self-induced slumber we’ve fallen into. But this awakening will only be possible one person at a time.

Again, Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year to you too, Pete!

Written By Tom's Place on January 6th, 2013 @ 12:12 pm