Marco Rubio playing identity politics – preparing for 2016 presidential race

If the ‘gang of 8’ or BHO get their way on immigration it’s only a matter of time until the fall of Western Civilization is an absolute certainty.

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No free speech for high-paid professional athletes

Flacco forgot for a moment that he was a member of the NFL and gave a real honest answer instead of the canned malarkey that he’s expected to say.

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NFL thug Ray Lewis: beloved by small children and corporations alike!

Roger Goodell, you are a dishonest, hypocritical and cowardly POS!!

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Don’t worry, the police will protect you!

Do you still feel safe knowing that the police will protect you?

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Hillary kicks off her 2016 campaign

Make no mistake, she is running for president in 2016; and she will get the nomination handed to her on a diamond-studded golden platter.

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Debunking the Sandy Hook alternative theories

These alternate theories on Sandy Hook are being fueled by arrogance and secrecy from law enforcement – like threatening people with prosecution for exercising their First Amendment rights – and by a sloppy and lazy media that only wants to propagandize this story for political means.

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No posting today in honor of BHO inauguration

Let me put it this way. I’d rather watch Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi doing you know what than to watch a second of BHO’s inauguration.

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Idiot Congressman: It’s time to do away the entire process of raising debt ceiling

This dumb-ass evidently thinks that Islands just somehow float around atop the water like boats.

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