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It’s official – Rex Ryan is a jackass!

Aside from proving himself to be a bad football coach and an even worse evaluator of football talent, NY Jets head coach, Rex Ryan, has now proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he’s a classless and clueless JACKASS!

Ryan was recently sighted on vacation in the Bahamas with his wife, where photographers snapped pictures of the couple on the beach in their bathing suits. That was Ryan’s first mistake – to wear a bathing suit. And to think this man is involved in professional athletics? A body like that can easily turn straight women gay. A body like that needs to be hidden under layers and layers of clothing – thank you!

But Ryan’s sorry physique isn’t the most embarrassing part of these photographs, believe it or not!

On his pitiful right arm appeared a tattooed caricature of his wife, Michelle, clad scantly in only a #6 Mark Sanchez jersey. There’s plenty of names to describe someone so classless and clueless, but for the sake of this post I simply chose Jackass.

Is it any wonder why Ryan hadn’t  benched the pathetic Mark Sanchez ages ago when the rest of the world clearly saw that he’s not an NFL quality quarterback? Much like his head coach, Mark Sanchez is only a legend in his own mind.

Is it also any wonder that Ryan had Tim Tebow languish on the bench while the Jets threw their season away with the inept Sanchez as their QB?

It seems that Rex Ryan has a little bit too much vested in his flop of a first round draft pick. We have all heard people accuse successful attractive women who don’t show any outward appearance of talent or brains of sleeping with their boss/bosses. I know it’s a disgusting thought … but I makes one wonder.


See NY Post piece here. Warning! Don’t look at the photos if you have eaten in the past hour or so.

BTW: I’m going to go work-out for a while. If nothing else, those Rex Ryan pics are big time motivation.

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