So…who exactly was the Sandy Hook shooter?

Almost a month after Adam Lanza went on a shooting spree in Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut killing 20 children and 6 adults, not much is known about the 20 year old sicko who perpetrated the crime before blowing his own twisted brains out.

All we know is that guns were used to commit the crime, and that the Congressional Democrats and Emperor Obama are now hell-bent on ramming through comprehensive gun control.

But what do we really know about the killer?

Back in 1999 when two evil punks killed 12 students and 1 teacher, while injuring 21 others during a shooting spree in Columbine High School, much was reported about the perpetrators. Eric Harris and Dylan Kleybold, and their motives, were discussed ad nauseam long after the crime occurred. We knew that they were outcasts at the school. We knew they were part of a stupid group called the Trench Coat Mafia. We knew they were obsessed with violent video games. We knew they were bullied by the jocks at the school, supposedly. We knew that making and setting off homemade bombs was a hobby of theirs. We knew they used recreational drugs. We knew that both killers were at some point under psychiatric care, and that at least one of them was on psychiatric prescription drugs.

Oh yeah, and we also eventually witnessed part of their evil escapades on video recorded by the schools security system. Does Sandy Hook Elementary have surveillance cameras in the school?

In contrast, we know extremely little about Adam Lanza, and we know that the media isn’t actively pursuing his story. Thus far, the media has completely focused on guns and on the stories of the victims and their families. It all seems to be a choreographed script to help push a radical anti-gun agenda that has long been the goal of the American Left.

We also know very little about the shooters mother, Nancy Lanza, who he also shot to death. What kind of relationship did the mother and son have? What, if anything, happened between the two in the weeks leading up to the shooting? And what about the relationship between the shooter and his father, Peter Lanza, and his brother, Ryan?

I’m not saying that the media won’t eventually dig into the life of Adam Lanza and his family. This story is far too valuable to pass up for 60 Minutes, Dateline, and other media outlets. But rest assured that this story will only be pursued after every drop of anti-gun sentiment can be squeezed from it – until the Left gets everything they want from the tragedy.

The media’s lack of curiosity in regards to the shooter’s life and motives isn’t that surprising. They are now an unofficial branch of the Federal Government – only when Democrats are running things, of course. The American media is now far worse than the infamous Pravda ever was during the heyday of the Soviet Union. Pravda was the public propaganda arm of the Communist Party, but they were compelled to be so by brute force. In comparison, the American media has become a propaganda machine for the Democrat Party and BHO of their own free will – by choice!

Even though most of the country has yet to realize it, the train has left the station long ago.

Reader Comments

The MSMs are owned by the globalists and take their orders from them. They will only focus on what they are told to focus on, whether it is making the duped and usurped democratic party look like they are the saviors of mankind or demonize and mock anyone who doesnt agree. This behavior will never end until the endgame is reached, which is total gun control and enslavement is realized.

Written By michael rambo on January 22nd, 2013 @ 3:44 pm

Amen to that!

Written By admin on February 6th, 2013 @ 2:14 am