Is Lance Armstrong finally coming clean?

In a previous post I did regarding one of the biggest celebrity frauds in modern day history, Lance Armstrong, I predicted that he would eventually have to come clean and admit to his career-long cheating and lying. I also predicted that he would have to do a public mea culpa and that it would be done on the TV talk-show circuit.

I also predicted an eventual tell-all book about his years of doping, lying, and intimidation of detractors.

Now it seems that Armstrong is ready to spill at least part of his guts to Oprah Winfrey. Even a self-delusional narcissist like Armstrong understands that consequences of financial bankruptcy and assorted lawsuits. Coming clean is the only way he can possibly continue to make money off his name – a name that may as well be MUD.

See story here.

If Oprah had any sense of fairness she would deny Armstrong her platform unless he appeared with the countless people who he tried to discredit, intimidate and destroy for simply telling the truth about his doping. This guy is not only a proven fraud, but he’s also a nasty bully.

But Oprah, or any other talk-show host, won’t put any conditions on Armstrong’s appearance. Instead, they’ll probably treat him with kid gloves and let him continue to shirk responsibility for his actions. I predict that part of his excuse will be to say that he didn’t think his cheating was that bad because ‘everybody in professional cycling does it.

In the end, Lance Armstrong will probably get by ok. After all, in today’s society a disgraced celebrity is still in fact, a celebrity.

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