We’ve gone completely insane!

I’m evidently a bit late in catching on to this sick fad, but until I saw an advertisement on the N Train yesterday, I had no idea this was happening.

I’m talking about cosmetic surgery for pets.

After looking into it further, I found out that this sick practice has been going on for quite some time now. I also found out that a popular surgery for dogs is the implantation of ‘Neuticles’ after male dogs are neutered. Evidently, idiots like Kim Kardashian have problems with the appearance of a male dog’s private parts after the operation.

Real or Neuticles?

As usual, a Republican State Assemblywoman from Staten Island, Nicole Malliotakis, is attempting to curtail the sick practice of cosmetic surgery for pets, calling it animal cruelty. It’s always Republican officials that stand up against animal cruelty – not Democrats!

Although there are no laws preventing stupid shallow people from putting their pets under the scalpel of a so-called plastic surgeon, it is my opinion that people who would do that have some serious issues.

See NY Daily News story here.

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