Theories on the Sandy Hook shootings – my take.

People that I know, along with e-mails from readers, are asking me what I think of the Sandy Hook shootings – do I believe they are real. I don’t know why they ask me, like I would have all the answers. But anyway, here’s my take on the subject.

In my opinion, the mass murder at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut was a real event. Those twenty children and six school staff members were real people – and they did die at the hands of that sick twisted freak, Adam Lanza – I think.

I say, I think because so far, one month after the shooting, there is still no video evidence of Lanza coming into the school with his cache of weapons. But more on that later.

Over the past few weeks I have received many e-mails with links to websites and You Tube channels that claim the Sandy Hook shooting was a fake – a false flag, they call it. It was supposedly done to shape public opinion and to push a radical anti-gun agenda.

I’ve read a good deal of the posts and watched some of the You Tube videos and presentations, but in the end they just don’t hold up to rational scrutiny.

Sure, there are videos of people involved with the shooting, including parents and relatives of the victims, acting strangely and what many would consider, inappropriately.

The father of one little girl that was killed, Robbie Parker, is caught on camera just a day after the murders yucking it up and joking around right before he took the podium to make a statement, at which time he started to hyperventilate and act as if he was breaking down – with no red eyes or tears, mind you.

I witnessed other interviews with parents and family members that really made me shake my head. Again, I saw parents with clear eyes and no tears talking to CNN only a day or two after they lost their child. I saw photo-ops with BHO only two days after the shooting where the family members are gleefully smiling into the camera. Sick!

I also witnessed several interviews of parents and family members with outfits such as CNN, ABC and others, where the interviewer inevitably brought up BHO in the conversation.

Just a few minutes into her interview with the parents of slain six year old, Daniel Barden, Katie Couric asked the following question: “What was it like spending time with President Obama, was that helpful for you all?”

In an interview with the family of slain Sandy Hook teacher, Vicki Soto, leftwing scumbag, Piers Morgan, asked the following question. I should say, made the following statement just a minute and a half into the interview: “Vicki was your sister, you are all very close as your mother just said, it’s obviously a terrible wrench, a loss, and you must be grieving horribly, yet at the same time, hearing the President of the United States talk about your sister as a hero, it must have been very moving to you.”

In his third question to the McDonnell family who lost a daughter in the massacre, CNN’s Anderson Cooper asked: “You met with President Obama yesterday, what was that like?”

This, in and of itself, shows to what depths our republic has sunk. Who is the President of the United States but just another man with faults probably much greater than the average Joe? Why do we look upon these elected officials as some sort of deities?

For the sake of this post, I won’t bring up the supposed notes given to BHO from siblings of the murdered children urging him to ban guns.

But the media acting as they always do and propagandizing for Obama doesn’t mean that the event didn’t happen. We all know by now that they are in lockstep with his radical agenda to fundamentally transform America.

Anyway, back to the assorted theories about the shooting. I don’t say conspiracy theories because that may seem to imply that conspiracies within our government don’t exist – they certainly do! Many of these theories seem to revolve around the use of ‘crisis actors’ who are in fact real, and who are used by DHS. More specifically, they seem to revolve around one Florida family, and more specifically the mother, Jennifer Greenberg-Sexton.

According to many of these theories Mrs. Greenberg-Sexton and her entire nuclear family are crisis actors who are repeatedly used in just about any high profile crisis to divert the truth from the supposed fact that these events were all faked.

For instance, Jennifer Greenberg-Sexton, along with her husband, are alleged to have played the part of the parents of a child/children who attended Sandy Hook Elementary during a media interview outside the school during the day of the shooting. In this interview they are identified Nick and Laura Phelps of Newtown.

YouTube Preview Image

But it doesn’t end there. Jennifer Greenberg-Sexton’s children are also alleged to have played the roles of the siblings of slain teacher, Vicki Soto.

But it doesn’t end there. Jennifer Greenberg-Sexton is also alleged to have played the part of Sandy Hook principle, Dawn Hochsprung, who also evidently never really existed.

YouTube Preview Image

But it doesn’t even end there. Jennifer Greenberg-Sexton also played the role of attorney for Aurora theatre killer, James Holmes.

James Holmes in court with attorney Jennifer Sexton, or is it Laura Phelps, or...

And you guessed it, it doesn’t end there either. One of Jennifer Greenberg-Sexton’s daughters evidently played the role of nine year old Christina Taylor Green who was killed by Jared Loughner during the Gabby Giffords shooting in Tucson Arizona in January of 2011. Incidentally, Christina Taylor Green was the granddaughter of former major league baseball pitcher and manager, Dallas Green. Jennifer Greenberg-Sexton’s father or uncle, I’m not sure which, Michael Greenberg, evidently played the role of Dallas Green, who also evidently never existed and never managed the Philedelphia Phillies to a World Series Title in 1980.

YouTube Preview Image

Michael Greenberg aka Dallas Green?

Dallas Green, government operative and fake MLB player and manager

Anyone with the exception of Stevie Wonder can clearly see that Michael Greenberg and Dallas Green are not even close to being the same person. The only characteristics they share are their close proximity in age and their gray/white hair – of which Dallas Green has a lot more of. By the way, Michael Greenberg is also supposedly found in a photo with slain teacher Vicki Soto, which is to say that Vicki Soto was also an actor and never really existed.

There’s a piece over at Fellowship of the Minds that clearly lays out these theories involving the Greenberg-Sexton family of Florida. See Here.

I put up the videos where possible so that my readers can make up their own minds. And I’ll be the first to agree that Mrs. Greenberg-Sexton and much of her family do have a striking resemblance to some of the people involved in Sandy Hook. However, in order for many of these theories to make any sense, it would have to mean that people like principle Hochsprung and teacher Vicki Soto never existed, and furthermore, the students, parents, and other staff at Sandy Hook never realized that they didn’t exist.

Busy people, those Greenberg-Sexton family. I wonder how much those gigs pay.

There is no doubt that the Sandy Hook massacre has been severely politicized by the Left and their media allies. The timing of the shooting seems to fit in perfectly with the beginning of BHO’s second term and his life-long disdain for the Second Amendment. Also, these random nut shootings seem to have intensified over time until it was finally young children that were victimized. We can’t just do nothing to address guns after Sandy Hook, right?

Another reason that these types of incidents bring about a flood of alternate theories is simply due to sloppy rush reporting from the media. They’re all competing over who can get the full scoop first. Like when they reported that the shooters mother, Nancy Lanza, was a teacher at Sandy Hook – she never was. Sloppy reporting often leads to confusion, which leads to mistrust, which leads to conspiracy theories.

In closing, today is the one month anniversary of the massacre. Authorities tell us that Adam Lanza is the killer and that he offed himself after his blood lust was satisfied. There will be no trial. It is time that they release some video/still photos from the school’s surveillance system showing Lanza entering the school with weapons in tow. When the toxicology reports come back, we need to know what kind of prescription drugs Lanza was taking – if any. We need to know everything there is about this little demon because just blaming the guns and screwing with the constitution is not the answer.

BTW: Is our government or some other entity capable of programming someone like Adam Lanza to commit such an act? Sure, it’s possible, but it’s also not very probable. Is it possible that Lanza had accomplices? It’s definitely possible. That’s why we need to see the surveillance video from the morning of the shooting. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t trust this government any further than I can throw a hippopotamus, but I just don’t believe that a family from Florida is involved in playacting these events.

Reader Comments

Some things are puzzling, but there’s no denying that the shooting & murders did take place.
I wish that someone would explain why there were several postings on Google & at least one on Facebook (a RIP for the teacher Ms.Soto), that expressed condolences for the victims at Sandy Hook & a fund set up, with a posting dates PRIOR to the incident–??

Written By LC on January 15th, 2013 @ 1:37 pm