Gun hysteria bad news for boys

Our once great country is slowly becoming unrecognizable to those that remember what it was like to live before BHO.

Obama told everyone that he wanted to fundamentally transform America – and he’s sure keeping his promise.

In a couple of stories linked to by Drudge, this transformation is on full display. One story is about an Elmont New York school going on lockdown over a Nerf-Gun. The freakin’ gun was lime green!

It seems a busybody with nothing else to worry about called 911 to report a “suspicious looking teen” wearing a black coat with a black backpack entering the school carrying a lime green gun. The SWAT team arrived and the school was put on lockdown. The school was then searched room by room until the Nerf Gun was found in a student’s locker.

See story here.

In another story linked on Drudge, two Maryland 6 year olds were suspended from school after using their fingers to simulate handguns while playing cops and robbers.

See story here.

For the sake of the safety of our children, especially after Sandy Hook, we must emasculate our boys even more than we already are. After all, boys bring guns to school to kill their fellow students and teachers – not girls.

There is something inherently evil about the male species, and it needs to finally be fixed! A good place to start is with Testosterone, which may very well be the most dangerous chemical compound on earth. If it weren’t for this evil and obsolete hormone there would be peace throughout the universe and Earth would be a paradise for all living things.

Why do boys (males) need testosterone anymore? We are no longer hunters and gatherers. We no longer need men to have physical strength and endurance. And we sure don’t need men to act aggressively or forcefully in any situation because we have police and government officials to take care of everything for us.

Along with the Ritalin and other spirit-dampening pharmaceuticals, perhaps the schools can start injecting certain boys with Estrogen. This, in theory, would make them calmer, less violent, and thus less attracted to guns. And if you believe that, just look sideways at a he-she, sorry, I mean transgendered person, and see what happens. I’ve often said that I would rather fight a real male any day over a he-sh… I mean, transgendered person. I guess I’d be eternally pissed off too if I were born in the wrong body.

But I’m digressing – really digressing!

Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, the estrogenizing of boys is already underway, if only in a mental sense. Masculine qualities are being shunned for more feminine or androgynous qualities. Just think Justin Bieber. Muscles and bulk are out – and spaghetti-arms and make-up are in!

At this rate, one wonders how long sports that require lots of free-flowing testosterone like professional football, boxing, and MMA can survive. Not only do we not want guns in schools, of course, but do we really need boys walking around school hallways with the knowledge of how to effectively strike another human being?

I guess it’s useless to point out that I, and millions upon millions of other boys, grew up playing with toy guns. Believe it or not, some kids outside of New York City, in that dark backward part of the country, even grew up playing with real guns – meaning hunting and sport shooting, of course. The guns I played with weren’t lime green or purple, either. They were black and they looked like .38 caliber revolvers and .45 automatics. Some even took caps that made a pretty loud pop, the kind of pop that would lockdown an entire school district today.

And guess what! I, or anyone I knew as a kid, never, ever even dreamed of shooting up our school!

It must really suck to be a boy in 2013.

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