Cat Killer graduates to attempted murder of a woman

A few weeks ago I posted on a story of a 19 year old ‘youth’ who set a cat on fire inside it’s carrier on Christmas Eve.

Evidently, the POS has already graduated up to trying to kill people, as animal abusers often do. Tyrik Haynes was arrested for attacking what seems to be a total stranger in a New Jersey shopping mall, stabbing the 29 year old woman more than a dozen times.

The woman was airlifted to a hospital and is reportedly in critical but stable condition.

It’s an established fact that violent psychopaths such as serial killers very often start off by brutalizing animals. That’s because these sick defective bastards have absolutely no empathy and conscience. And that’s just one of the reasons why animal cruelty needs to be taken a lot more seriously in our society.

Personally, if I ever witnessed a lowlife abusing an animal out in public let’s just say that the coward would wish that he never got out of bed that morning.

By the way, New Jersey has some of the most stringent gun control laws in the country, but this poor woman just minding her business and shopping still wasn’t safe from a random attack. Are we going to now get new legislation on the manufacturing and sales of knives? Perhaps no more knives with a blade longer than an inch. And as for the kitchen knives in your knife block, they would have to be registered and locked away when not in use. But how about steak knives, one may ask? Well, we don’t need steak knives because we shouldn’t be eating steak to begin with, and you don’t need a knife to eat vegetables.

Sound good?

I got an idea! How about background checks for people looking to adopt/purchase pets? Households where there are people with criminal records should not be allowed to have a pet. If this was the case there would be no need for so many animal shelters, and the ones left would have a lot less animals to care for.

Speaking of animals, I hope that this Tyrik Hanes character is finally caged up for at least a few decades. If we’re lucky, maybe in prison he’ll meet up with the same fate as either the cat or the woman he attacked.

Read NY Post story here.

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