Former New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin facing charges

Ray Nagin, the Chocolate former mayor of the Chocolate city of New Orleans has been charged with fraud, bribery and money laundering.

Nagin, who is famous for doing jack-squat to evacuate and secure New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina has been indicted on charges that he used his office for personal gain – no way! And for accepting payoffs, free trips and gratuities from contractors in the aftermath of Katrina – can’t be!

The only thing that really shocks me about this story is that Ray Nagin is the ex-mayor of New Orleans. I would have thought that he would hold that position way into his nineties.

I know that I’m probably going to get hell for noticing,  but Chocolate Democrat elected officials getting busted for these types of crimes seems to all too commonplace.

The good news for Nagin is that when he finishes doing time for his crimes, or more likely, cutting some sort of deal and walking, he can always come back and run for mayor again – he’ll be a shoo-in!

See story here.

Reader Comments

Geee whiz–it comes as such a total surprise to me, too !
And I too have observed the same ——!

Written By LC on January 20th, 2013 @ 4:52 am

Shame on you too – how dare you notice such things!

Written By admin on February 6th, 2013 @ 2:20 am