Debunking the Sandy Hook alternative theories

Note: I use the word alternative before theories because using the word ‘conspiracy’ has become a dirty word used to mock people who ask questions and to imply that conspiracies are just like the Sasquatch – they don’t exist. In fact, conspiracies play out every single day of our lives – especially within our government. If one doesn’t believe that our government is involved in a conspiracy to cover up the true facts on Fast & Furious and Benghazi, then one is either stupid or a left-wing apologist.

Today, The Blaze has a piece titled: The Blaze’s Point-By-Point Conspiracy Theory Debunk. I was excited to read it and have this issue finally laid to rest. However, The Blaze’s debunking was less than impressive. The piece did not take apart the cover-up theory point-by-point as advertised, instead they basically just rehashed all the theories without really supplying many solid answers. They could have done a much better job because most of the answers are out there.

I want to set the record straight, again, about my personal views on what happened in Sandy Hook. I do believe that all of those 20 children and 6 adults were in fact shot and killed. A cover-up there would require the participation of hundreds, if not thousands of people outside of our government. It would not only involve the cover-up from the supposed parents, but also from other family members, neighbors, every single law enforcement officer involved in the case, other first responders, all of the employees of the Medical Examiner’s office, and even from employees of the several funeral homes that handled all the bodies.

It’s simply not feasible that even one person would not stand up and say ‘ wait a minute, the Smith family has lived next door to me for years and I never knew that they had six year old daughter.’ Or that an employee of a funeral home would say ‘gee, it’s strange that no bodies came in even though the media is saying that several funerals are being held here?’ Or that even a janitor at Sandy Hook would not ask himself why teachers, and even a principle, who he never saw at the school are being reported to have worked there and died in the carnage. I’ve become pretty cynical in the past few years, but to think that absolutely nobody would step forward and tell the truth is just not reality. The assertions that this didn’t happen and that the people who were killed never even existed are simply insane!

But just because those poor people really did die in Sandy Hook Elementary doesn’t mean that the public has received all of the information regarding the case. There are no living suspects, so there will be no trials. However, we have yet to see the a video/still photos of Adam Lanza shooting his way into the school. Is there video of Lanza taken by the school’s security system – and if not, why? What is taking so long?

One issue from the Blaze piece that was supposedly debunked that bugs me a little bit is the man running into the woods being chased by cops. The man who was handcuffed and placed in a police car at the scene.

The Blaze story claims that the man was an “off duty tactical squad police officer” who had a gun and was in the area of the school. Then the question becomes why would a police officer, and a tactical squad officer at that, run away from armed policemen only to be surrounded in the woods, ordered to lay on the ground, then be brought back to the scene in handcuffs? Instead of running away from cops, shouldn’t this armed tactical officer have run towards the shooting scene? Or at least held his position and identified himself to oncoming officers responding to the shooting? And why hasn’t this officer’s name been released? And why hasn’t he been sought out by the media for an interview? Wouldn’t his eyewitness account of what was going on, as well as his explanation for running away, be of interest?

It just doesn’t make any sense to me. It doesn’t mean the shootings didn’t happen, it’s just weird that a cop would act this way.

Again, video of the school grounds to identify who was around and what they were doing would go a long way in putting these theories to rest.

The main reason that I’m not just yet willing to let the Sandy Hook issue rest and slowly go away is because it is being used as a springboard to decimate the Second Amendment to the Constitution. That is why in order to maintain any sort of trust, every shred of information in regards to this case must be released to the public.

These alternate theories on Sandy Hook are being fueled by arrogance and secrecy from law enforcement – like threatening people with prosecution for exercising their First Amendment rights – and by a sloppy and lazy media that only wants to propagandize this story for political means.

See The Blaze piece here.

Reader Comments

I was very disappointed in the Blaze’s presentation–as it appears they got most of their “debunking” information from Snopes–hardly an impressive bastian of truth–very left leaning–to say the least.
I agree that there was indeed a tragic incident, with innocent victims–but also believe there’s more to this story.

Written By LC on January 24th, 2013 @ 6:48 am

There certainly is. The final report is set to come out this summer. Let’s see if they release the security videos.

Written By admin on February 6th, 2013 @ 2:12 am