Hillary kicks off her 2016 campaign

After all the stalling and excuses, including fake illness, Hillary Clinton finally testified in front of congress yesterday about the Benghazi fiasco.

Instead of her usual frumpy look, Clinton was made-up to look her very best – but still, hair-stylists and make-up artists can’t perform miracles. Anyway, Clinton acted exactly as I expected her to. She was outwardly annoyed that she even had to be there being questioned by these lower than dirt, members of congress. Her behavior was authoritarian. She also did some play-acting when she needed to. All in all her performance was her first volley in her 2016 presidential campaign.

Anyone who believes that this piece of work would be better, or should I say not as bad, as BHO is gravely mistaken. This woman is a hard-core leftist who is just as formidable an Alinskyite, if not more so, as the current occupant of the White House.

On another note, the only two Republicans who really challenged Her Majesty were Sen. Ron Johnson and Sen. Rand Paul. It goes without saying that all the Democrats, and some Republicans, bowed down and kissed her extra-wide derriere.

What difference does it make that my husband was having sex with an intern in the Oval Office and I blamed it on a vast right-wing conspiracy?

Make no mistake, she is running for president in 2016; and she will get the nomination handed to her on a diamond-studded golden platter. The Democrat Party owes her – big time!

I’m not sure who will be able to beat Hillary, if anyone, but the hapless Republicans will nominate their Hispanic Wonder Boy, Marco Rubio, and go down in flames as Hillary wins the presidency quite easily. I know it’s a depressing thought, but in spite of how much I would love to run away from it, I have to deal with reality.

I really believe that those of us not on the Left can no longer fight back at the ballot box, at least not in regards to the presidency, and not with the current dumbed-down, government-addicted populace. We will have to find other ways to enact change – or to cut out a swatch of this once great nation for ourselves.

There! I just got myself put on some watch list.

P.S. Even if just as a formality, the opposition has to field a candidate for president in 2016. And not that it matters one iota, but my candidate would be Rand Paul. Not saying that he could beat Her Majesty or steal the nomination from the already coronated Rubio, but he’s about the best we have out there – in my opinion.

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