Don’t worry, the police will protect you!

As the powers that be methodically chip away at our second amendment rights, we are supposed to take solace in the unwritten promise that the police will protect us.

If you believe that then take a stroll after midnight through the streets of the south side of Chicago, or any other urban shithole, for that matter.

Here in NYC we’ve never really had the benefit of the Second Amendment since the passage of the Sullivan Act way back in 1911. Not only is it nearly impossible to get a concealed carry permit, unless your name is Robert DeNiro or Donald Trump, just about every other tool for self-defense, including mace/pepper spray, is also illegal. Here, we are instructed to call 911 and stay calm until the police arrive.

But just what is the NYPD’s responsibility when it comes to protecting citizens, anyway? As you’ll see, the answer will make you scream – WTF!

Back in 2011, 28 year old Brooklyn resident Maksim Gelman went on a two day rampage (Feb. 11 – 12) killing 4 people and wounding 5 others. Gelman’s weapon of choice was not a gun, but rather a knife and a car.

Gelman went on the run and a massive police manhunt ensued.

During this time two NYPD cops, Terrance Howell and Tamara Taylor, were in the operators cab on a #3 train surveilling the tracks looking for the killer. As fate would have it, the killer would come directly to them.

The killer, Maksim Gelman, boarded the first car on an uptown #3 train and began banging on the door of the operator’s cab – the very same cab that contained not only the train operator, but the two cops as well. The maniac even identified himself as a cop during his attempt to get into the cab.

One would think that the two cops would come out with their pistols drawn and take down the fugitive – but no! The cops just stayed inside the cab. For people that aren’t familiar with NYC subway cars, the operators cab does have a thick window on the door. The window is very dark, but if you get really close you can see through it.

Anyway, after the killer couldn’t gain access to the cab, he turned his attention to the nearest passenger, who in this case happened to be 42 year old Joseph Lozito. Gelman approached Mr. Lozito and told him he was going to die, he then began stabbing the straphanger. Even though he was stabbed 7 times the 6’-2” 270 lb. Lozito managed to wrestle the sicko to the ground and disarm him. It was at this point that Mr. Lozitio claims that the officer came out of the locked cab, tapped him on the shoulder, and told him ‘you can get up now.’

When the killer was taken into custody, the male officer, Terrance Howell, took credit for taking him down, and was even pictured in the NY papers escorting the killer from a Brooklyn precinct.

When a grand jury was convened on the case, it was alleged that Officer Howell admitted that he and his partner, Officer Taylor, hid in the cab because they believed the killer was armed with a gun.

So let me get this straight. Two cops with semiautomatic pistols hid because they thought the perp had a gun? Un-f-ing believable!

Now the true hero in this story, Joseph Lozito, is suing the City of New York claiming negligence by the police officers who he claims should have reacted more quickly to stop the attack and capture the killer. However, attorneys for the city claim that the police had no “special duty” to protect him or any individual on the train that day.

That’s right people, the city claims that it is NOT the duty of cops to protect individuals, but rather to act in the public’s safety, in general.

Do you feel safer now? Do you people hear what they are saying? In other words, if you are getting raped or beaten by a couple of lowlives and the attack is being witnessed by the cops, they are not legally obligated to intervene – got that, liberals?

Of course, there are still many outstanding officers on the NYPD who would immediately intervene if seeing a violent crime taking place. But then there are the cops, like these two, who are only cops because it’s a civil-servant position with city benefits and pensions, and who couldn’t give a rat’s ass to protect people if it puts them in danger. Unfortunately, we will see more and more of these cops coming into the force. It used to be that being a cop was a calling, but now it’s slowly turning into just another civil service gig.

Do you still feel safe knowing that the police will protect you?

See NY Post story here.

Reader Comments

I feel very safe now…not!!!

This is absolutely unbelievable!! And the politicians are stating that the police will protect the citizens? Morons!!

Written By Tom's Place on February 2nd, 2013 @ 10:03 am

And if you saw some of our cops you would feel even less safe. Let me put it this way. Some of them make Justin Bieber look manly.

Written By admin on February 6th, 2013 @ 2:09 am