NFL thug Ray Lewis: beloved by small children and corporations alike!

With the Super Bowl less than a week away, I really couldn’t care less who wins or loses. Then again, I would rather the 49ERS win simply so Ray Lewis doesn’t get another Super Bowl ring in what is supposed to be his final game.

People always ask me about what NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB teams I support. My answer as of the past several years has been – none! I just can’t root for an emblem on a jersey or a geographic location anymore. I guess I’ve finally grown up.

While I still casually follow certain sports, except professional basketball, which I gave up on years ago, I more or less root for individuals over emblems. For instance, I decide who I root for in the World Series and Super Bowl depending on which team has more decent people on it, or to put it a different way, which team has less deplorable scumbags on it.

Baltimore Ravens Linebacker Ray Lewis symbolizes much of what is wrong with professional sports/entertainment, and society in general. Here’s a guy, a thug, who was involved up to his eyeballs in the murder of two men back in January of 2000. The short of it is that he cut a deal with authorities and testified against two of his supposed homeboys and walked away free. However, the jury must have noticed that only the NFL player, special as he is, received a deal, and acquitted both men of the murders.

By the way, the clothing that Lewis was wearing that night, including a full-length mink coat, have never been found – brings to mind another lowlife who goes by the initials O.J.

In a New York Post piece from a couple of days ago, (which I will of course link to) Lewis was referred to as “beloved by small children and corporations alike.” This line is only in the original cached version of the story, the story that’s up now in the NY Post archives scrubbed that line.

Unfortunately, that sick line is absolutely correct. And if this isn’t just another clear cut example of the twisted wickedness that has engulfed our society – nothing is! Furthermore, the story also contains this sickening, but true, observation:

Lewis will be eligible for the Hall of Fame in five years and is considered a lock. It’s widely rumored that ESPN wants to hire him as a color commentator, and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has said he wants to hire Lewis as a special adviser, citing him as a “tremendous voice of reason.”

So…Commissioner Goodell referred to Lewis as a “tremendous voice of reason” – eh? Isn’t this the same guy that was dead set against Rush Limbaugh purchasing into part ownership of the St. Louis Rams because of Limbaugh’s supposed “divisive comments.” He was quoted as saying that Limbaugh’s divisive comments “don’t reflect  accurately on the NFL or our players.”

I guess Rush Limbaugh’s divisiveness doesn’t mix well with street thug behavior, baby-daddyship, drugs, illegal firearms, body engulfing tattoos, extravagant bling, and oh yeah, dog fighting rings where innocent animals are slaughtered just for fun.

Roger Goodell, you are a dishonest, hypocritical and cowardly POS!!

I can go on and on in regards to this subject, but I’ll close it with this observation. During the presidential campaign, Mitt Romney was portrayed by the Democrats and their media puppets as being mean, uncaring, greedy, and even of being a murderer. Regardless of how one feels about Romney’s politics, these things were said about a man who has never had a drink in his life, a man who has been married to the same woman for over forty years, a man who created thousands upon thousands of jobs, a man who paid millions upon millions in taxes, and a man who, without fanfare, helped many people that came across his path.

This is what our society has come to!

Mitt Romney  = Bad Person

Ray Lewis = Hero who is beloved by small children and corporations alike.

Can anyone with half a brain really be surprised at the current state of affairs in our once great nation?

Read original (cached) NY Post story here.

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