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Marco Rubio playing identity politics – preparing for 2016 presidential race

Marco Rubio has put himself center-stage on the ‘gang of 8’ bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform proposal. Of course, the other 7 a-holes have let Rubio take the lead because they will eventually blame him and the Republicans for any negative consequences. But this post isn’t about the stupidity and cowardice of the Republicans, there will be plenty of time and examples to talk about in the future.

Rather, I want to focus on the Republican Party’s ‘great brown hope’ Marco Rubio. Isn’t that how Hispanics now refer to themselves – brown people?

The question that’s really not allowed to be asked is would Marco Rubio be pushing for these reforms that will eventually lead to amnesty for tens of millions of people who have no respect for our laws, culture, history, and even for our hard-earned money, if 95% of these people weren’t Hispanics?

The honest answer is a resounding NO!

My point is that what Rubio is currently partaking in is nothing less than shameless identity politics. And the Republican establishment is completely on board because they want those precious Hispanic votes. These yellow-bellied simpletons believe that putting forth a candidate of Hispanic background will have Hispanics turning into Republicans. While that may sound like a logical first step due to the fact that Hispanics are much more likely to support one of their own, the Republicans will also need to promise massive entitlements and even a bigger government to even come close sealing the deal.

While we’re being honest here, lets also talk about the fact that it’s just fine to pander to race or ethnicity as long as that race isn’t Caucasian and the ethnicity isn’t of European descent. Hispanics voting for Hispanics (or blacks for blacks, Muslims for Muslims, Asians for Asians) is not only fine, but it’s to be expected – it’s no big deal – it’s just the way it is! However, Caucasians of European descent voting in large majorities for their own kind is rabid racism.

Caucasians of European descent are the only group of people who are expected to vote for people of a different race and different ethnic background. Not to mention that nations predominantly populated by such people (The United States, The European Continent, Canada, Australia) are expected to embrace diversity and to allow foreigners from all cultures to immigrate.

It’s not hard to notice that there is no global push for Islamic Middle Eastern nations to diversify their populations. The same goes for Africa, Mexico, and Central and South American nations. Why is it that only predominantly Caucasian nations are expected, if not outright demanded, to embrace diversity?

Marco Rubio is just a symptom to a disease, the disease of hyphenated identity, which leads to balkanization. The cause of this disease is the virus known as Multiculturalism, and it is spread through open borders and unbridled immigration, as well as through public education and the mainstream media. Ultimately this virus destroys a nation’s/peoples’ right to self-determination. It leads to chaos, poverty, despotism and eventually war.

If the ‘gang of 8’ or BHO get their way on immigration it’s only a matter of time until the fall of Western Civilization is an absolute certainty.

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