Another Right-Wing Conspiracy against a squeaky clean Democrat

New Jersey Senator and all-around sleazebag, Robert Menendez, is blaming his alleged problems with underage Dominican hookers on…

…you guessed it, a right wing conspiracy.

That defense almost certainly means he is guilty of the allegations.

See story here.

The funny thing is that this douchebag flew to the Dominican Republic on the private jet of a wealthy Florida donor and ‘forgot’ to report the freebie trips, which are illegal. After he was caught red-handed, the idiot had to fork over $58,500 to pay for the trips. It has been reported that the amount may be close to one-third of his personal savings.

For that price, the sleazeball better have had a really good time. However, the prostitutes in question have claimed that Menendez stiffed them (no pun intended) when it came time to pay up by refusing to pay the agreed upon fees.

So he may have had sex with underage hookers - what difference does it make?

Not only should the girls have received full pay, they should have received additional battle-pay for having to engage in carnal activities with this disgusting slimy reptile. Yuck!

The bad news is that even if proven guilty beyond a doubt, the Democrats and media will rally around Menendez to make sure he keeps his seat. He didn’t know the girls were underage!

The other bad news is that if by some miracle Menendez is forced to resign, Chris Christie gets to choose his replacement.

P.S. I know that people are innocent until proven guilty, but that’s in a Court of Law. As far as I’m concerned, the mere allegation of sexual impropriety against a Democrat equates to almost certain guilt.

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