More ‘youth’ mob violence captured on video…ho-hum

WND has a piece titled ‘BLACK MOB BEATS MAN UNTIL SKULL BREAKS’ about a group of youths who savagely beat another black man nearly to death on a Manhattan street in 2010. Some of the youths have recently been sentenced for the attack.

See WND story here.

Check out the disgusting video below and ask yourself if these miscreants can really be called human beings.

A fantasy of mine would be to drop the low-lives responsible into the Atlantic 20 miles or so off of Montauk Point and let them fend for themselves. Another one would be to let the victim or the victim’s family decide the punishment, and even perhaps dole it out themselves.

Don’t anyone get too excited, they are only fantasies, but one can dream – can’t one?

And yes, I would entertain the same fantasies if it were a bunch of white punks, too! Those that are capable of that kind of cowardly, random, senseless violence have no business living among decent people and are unworthy of any mercy. At the very least, they belong in solitary confinement where they never see the sky again for the rest of their miserable lives.

And the Left is hell-bent on completely taking away our right to self-preservation?

I say Fuck That!

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