Such family oriented religious people

Drudge has a link to a story about a Mexican girl who got pregnant at age 8 and gave birth to a baby at age 9. The father is a 17 year old puke who has supposedly now run away. We’re all very familiar with the term teenage pregnancy, but we are going to need a new term for this growing phenomenon – perhaps child pregnancy?

Tip: They can probably find the father somewhere in Arizona.

Don’t you just love it how the media/left-wing narrative is that these are family oriented, religious people just here looking for a better life. I have always known better because Queens, NY is a haven for these people, and frankly, their behavior and morals don’t impress me in the least. Of course, there are exceptions.

Sorry, just going by what I see and hear with my own eyes and ears. If that makes anyone angry, too freakin bad!

On a positive note, we’re lucky that this lovely couple didn’t make their baby in the United States or we would be forking over mucho welfare payments for decades to come. However, I’m sure that the mother’s main goal in life will now be to come sneak into the U.S.

The fact is that not only is Mexico an economically depressed nation, but it is also a morally bankrupt nation. They are rife with corruption on all levels, drugs, alcohol abuse, crime, and family decay. And that’s exactly why the Left is hell-bent on bringing as many of them as possible across our borders.

What better way is there to destroy a nation?

Read story here.

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