Female Corrections Officer knocked up by cop-killer prisoner

Nancy Gonzalez, a 29 year old Correction Officer working at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn is charged with having sex with a cop-killing inmate. She is now eight months pregnant with his baby and facing a potential 15 -year prison sentence.

What a life this baby is destined for, eh?

The irresistible Romeo is 30 year old Ronell Wilson who was convicted of killing two undercover narcotics cops on Staten Island in 2003. But in fairness to Ms. Gonzalez, just take a look at the photo below and ask yourself if you would be able resist the overwhelming temptation to procreate with him.

Ronell Wilson: What woman wouldn’t want this to be their baby’s daddy?

I know this is going to piss some people off, but why do we have female Correction Officers guarding male prisoners in the first place? This has always bugged me! Aren’t there enough women’s prisons around to staff women whose career dream is to work around felons?

Political correctness has managed to get it’s ugly destructive tentacles into all aspects of our society, and regardless of how dangerous and dirty a job is, we must have equal gender representation.

This CO, Nancy Gonzalez, is pictured in the story next to her attorneys and looks to be maybe five feet tall, if that.

I know that if I had a daughter the last thing I would want her to become is a Correction Officer, in fact, I wouldn’t even want my son doing that job – but that’s just me.

Read story here.

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