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Another Liberal goes on a murderous rampage

Former LAPD officer Christopher Dorner who is on the lam after going on a shooting spree in southern California is a liberal – what a freakin shocker!

The former cop who is angry at being fired by the LAPD in 2008 is said to be targeting the people responsible for his early retirement from law enforcement. He’s already killed the daughter of a former police captain who represented him during a disciplinary hearing.

I assume the captain was a white guy who purposely hung him out to dry in the hearings because of his racism.

Anyway, Dorner released a “manifesto” where he rambled on about his hate for the NRA and the need for more gun control. He also defended BHO from supposed attacks from haters and gave kudos to entertainers Christoph Waltz, Charlie Sheen, and Ellen DeGeneres, as well as complimenting the Last Lady on her new hairstyle – spare me, please!

After the Left and their media lapdogs tried to falsely portray the Aurora theatre killer, the Gabby Giffords killer, and other mass murderers as right-wingers, what are the chances that they’ll play up this killer’s self-admitted liberalism? Slim to none is the obvious answer. After the inevitable happens and he winds up with a self-inflicted bullet wound to the head, they’ll probably turn him into a misunderstood hero who tried to expose brutality, corruption and racism in the LAPD.

By the way, what was the new mantra that started after Sandy Hook and supposedly started by the students (yeah right!)? Oh yeah, only soldiers and police officers should be allowed to have guns. Of course, we all know that police officers are angelic beings who are totally immune from the sickness and evil that affects the rest of society.

This sick POS is just another liberal anti-gun hypocrite who ultimately uses guns to kill innocent people. I look forward to hearing of his ultimate demise.

See WND piece and read his idiotic manifesto here.

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