Surprise! George Zimmerman is an Obama supporting Democrat

Through interviews with George Zimmerman’s brother, we now know that one of the biggest racist of our time, George Zimmerman, is a registered Dumbocrat who voted for BHO.

I don’t know why, but my sympathy for the dumb-ass has dramatically dropped.

According to Robert Zimmerman, his brother George “was like many young people who thought that the president’s club had been a club of white men since our founding, and that there really wasn’t a good reason for that…”

Hey George! The main reason for that is because since our founding America has been a predominantly white nation. How many white presidents has Peru had, you stupid-ass simpleton? How many white presidents has Japan had, or Kenya, or Iran, or India – you pathetic jerk? Why aren’t you fretting about the lack of diversity in the non-white world – you hypocrite?

Isn’t it ironic that the same Democrats and President that he supports judged him solely on his white sounding last name.

By the way George, do you realize that Obama is dead set against the right you exercised under Florida law to carry a firearm for personal protection and that he is working hard as hell to make that impossible for all Americans? No, I’m sure you didn’t because you are just another ignorant hypocritical Democrat – asshole!

Good luck to you George, but this plain ole white American won’t lose a second of sleep when you get thrown to the wolves during your upcoming trial.

See Breitbart story here.

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