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Pope Benedict is resigning – what’s next?

With the resignation of Pope Benedict the XVI speculation is that Cardinal Peter Turkson from the African nation of Ghana is the odds on favorite to become the new Pope.

The hierarchy of the Catholic Church is not immune from the disease of political correctness, so just as America absolutely needed to elect its first black president, the Catholic Church needs to step out of the dark ages and elect a black pope from the Third World. The church is also not immune from the disease of Marxism as evidenced by the past several decades.

Cardinal Turkson, it seems, is a believer in the New World Order – in One World Government. In 2011 he called for a “supranational world political authority.” In other words, a world where First-World producers would support Third-World nations, and that’s just for starters.

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I predict that the Left and their media puppets will have a collective orgasm when the smoke clears and this man becomes the next pope. Chris Matthews will have tingles going up both of his legs. Not to mention that that liberals everywhere will be lecturing us about what the pope said and call conservative Catholics hypocrites and racists if they disagree with him.

Although I will always be a Christian, if this man becomes the pope I will no longer refer to myself as a Roman Catholic. It’s bad enough that we have to hear this garbage from our political leaders, but now our spiritual leaders as well? I say hell no to that!

Reader Comments

I wouldn’t be all that worried, the pundits seem to have a long history of picking the wrong person when it comes to the Pontificate.

Written By Moment of Truth on February 12th, 2013 @ 3:09 am

Call me paranoid, but i find this sudden announcement very curious–.
I just think there’s more to this “decision”.

I see a large percentage of churches caving to political correctness and leftist leanings. The minions of the New World Order have infiltrated the churches, as with all areas of society.

God help us !

Written By LC on February 12th, 2013 @ 5:52 am