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Mark Furhman speaks on the media coverage of Christopher Dorner

I just witnessed some rare refreshing television on Fox’s America Live with Megyn Kelly.

Kelly had ex-LAPD detective Mark Furhman on to talk about the Christopher Dorner fiasco which evidently ended yesterday when he was barbecued to a crisp in a cabin where he was holed up in a standoff with law enforcement.

Who says there isn’t any good news anymore?

BTW: For all the Obama voters out there, Mark Furhman is the dirty racist cop who tried to frame O.J. Simpson by planting a glove and other evidence all over Simpson’s property, home and car. Shame on Fox News for employing this racist crooked cop as a contributor!

Anyway, Furhman mocked the media for playing up Dorner’s phony self-invented persona as a highly trained fighter, sniper, and survivalist. I’m paraphrasing, but Furhman basically called Dorner an inept bumbler who could barely make it out of the police academy, pointing out that while he was in the academy he accidently discharged his firearm and shot himself in the hand.

Furhman went on to say that the media hooked on to Dorner’s fantasy manifesto and ran with the story of how well trained and dangerous he was. He mocked the media for making him into a James Bond and Rambo rolled into one and not even questioning Dorner’s ridiculous claims, such as that he had a shoulder surface to air missle launcher and was capable of shooting down a plane.

He forgot to mention that they also said that he may be a pilot.

Furthermore, Furhman spoke the truth about Dorner’s supposed military training which was simply basic training and nothing more. He pointed out that Dorner looked like a “dork” in the photos where he’s holding a weapon, saying that he (Dorner) looked uncomfortable holding them (weapons).

Finally, in closing, Furhman stated that the question the media should be asking is how Dorner was able to get on the LAPD in the first place.

I have an idea or two!

It’s really refreshing when you see someone in the media giving an honest, no punches pulled opinion on a subject. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear in the near future that Furhman’s contract will not be extended.

Way to go Mr. Furhman!

BTW: What the MSM didn’t report about this sick tragedy is the sickos on the Left cheering this animal on as he was pursued by law enforcement. They cheered for a lowlife who not only murdered two cops, but also two innocent civilians – the daughter of a cop he had a beef with and her boyfriend. Once again, the Left shows their true colors, and once again, the MSM covers for them.

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