American flag is racist and xenophobic

I knew this time was coming, and it is now here. Our flag has now become a symbol of racism and xenophobia, at least in the twisted minds of the Left.

The Blaze has a piece about four California high school teens who were asked to leave the gymnasium and suspended for wearing American flag bandanas and chanting USA…USA during a basketball game.

The principal, Glenn Lipman, said that the kids were asked to remove their bandanas and leave the game as a precaution due to the “diverse student bodies of both schools” which have large Hispanic populations.

To tell you the truth I can’t even type because I’m so fucking mad right now!!

What is really maddening is that we not only have Obama trying to legalize tens of millions of illegal invaders, but the so-called opposition, republicans, are of the same mindset. Both Marco Rubio and Rand Paul who made response speeches after the State of the Union address spoke of the need to embrace immigration. Rubio, I’m not surprised at, but I thought Rand Paul was a bit more honest.

We always hear from people like Rubio and Paul about how great immigration is for our nation, but they never offer any tangible proof to back up their claims. I’m speaking of current day immigration, not immigration of 100 years ago! All we hear are blanket assertions that immigrants are hard working people just looking for a better life, but we never hear about all of the negative things associated with current day immigration – both illegal and legal. Of course, Incidents like what occurred at this California High School are never  addressed by anyone holding public office – why?

I would love to know what Marco Rubio and Rand Paul would say about what happened during that basketball game. And this is by no means the first time something like this has happened, where our own flag has been censored by cowardly people for the sake of not offending immigrants.

Again, I’m so fucking mad I can barely think! So, if only for the sake of my own sanity and to blow off the red-hot stream I have building up in my veins, I’ll say what our supposed leaders won’t:

If you are a legal immigrant, please respect our culture, our language, and our flag. You are not in your homeland anymore – you willingly chose to come here! It is your responsibility to assimilate into our culture. It is not the responsibility of Americans to adjust to your language and your culture!

And if you are an illegal immigrant I have just one thing to say to you – GET THE FUCK OUT OF OUR COUNTRY AND GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM, YOU CRIMINAL ILLEGAL INVADER!!

There, I feel a little better now!

Read The Blaze story here.

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